10 Fantastic Facts About Your Boob You Should Know!

How much do you really know about your breasts? Sure, you know that people are prone to stare at them and that they are, let’s face it. But here are some boob facts that will amaze you for sure.

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#1 Gaining weight can make your boobs larger.

And if you lose weight? You might notice that your breasts shrink. But this isn’t the same for every woman since some women have denser breasts with less fatty tissue.

Other factors: Pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, birth control pills, and even sex can cause your breasts to swell. Your breasts can also grow as much as a full cup size during your menstrual cycle. However, days after your period, your hormone levels drop and your bustline is at its smallest. Thanks, hormones!


#2 Not all breasts are created equal.

Uneven? Don’t worry, that’s normal. Many women have one breast slightly or not so slightly larger than the other. It is perfectly normal, so don’t fret. For about 65% of women, it happens to be the left breast that is larger!

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#3 Different types of nipples.

There are different types of nipples- protruding, flat, puffy, and inverted, which are all normal. Nothing to worry about!

#4 Boobs can cause an orgasm.

Yes, you heard that right. Nipple stimulation goes to the brain as that of the vagina, which is why some women can orgasm from nipple stimulation alone. It’s sometimes hard to work, but anything possible when you believe and have nipples.

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#5 Changes in your boob size.

Your boobs can change a full size during a single menstrual cycle, so don’t be surprised that they go through a lot in your life.

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From childhood on, breasts will change size and shape periodically, so cherish what you have going on now before it morphs into something even better.

#6 Permanent breast.

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Among primates, only humans have permanent breasts. All other primates only grow full breasts for the purpose of feed their children. So, you know, good for us.

#7 Breast get dry.

Image result for dry breastThey can get dry. The skin over a woman’s breasts is thinner than that of the rest of her body, with a few exceptions. Because of this, breasts are prone to dry skin, so make sure you moisturize!

#8 Saggier boobs.

All the smokers out there, cigarette smoke is hell on your breasts.

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It’s true; the chemicals in cigarette smoke break down the elastin in our bodies, leading to saggier boobs.

#9 Largest natural breast.

Image result for boob factsThe largest natural breasts in the world belong to Annie Hawkins-Turner of the USA, who has a 70-inch chest, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. She suffers from gigantomastia, which is a slow but steady growth of breast and fat tissue.

#10 Nipple hair.

Women don’t really talk about it, but a few stray hairs around the nipple area is totally normal.

In fact, doctors estimate that about 30% of women have hair in the region, although that figure could actually be much higher given people’s reluctance to discuss it. You may have anywhere between 2 and 15 hairs there at any given time without there being a major cause for concern.

In terms of how to get rid of them, people are divided between tweezing and shaving. Don’t use depilatory cream to get rid of them. Your boobs will not thank you.



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10 Fantastic Facts About Your Boob You Should Know!

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