15 Romantic Movies To Watch In The Warmth Of Your Blanket This Winter

Under the darkness of the sky when the roof gets filled with snow, when mornings get foggy and the nights get cold, stay in, get inside your blanket, take a sip of hot coffee or tea, grab your bowl of nachos and play some of your favorite movies and roll on this winter season with some amazing romantic movies to spend your beautiful time away.

So, we have made your task easy by listing out some of the amazing movies for this winter for you to take a chill pill.

 1) 27 Dresses

The story of an unlucky girl named Jane who has the unfortunate experience of being a bridesmaid 27 times and not a bride herself. This movie introduces the story with Jane meeting a guy who is a reporter and who starts falling for her and what happens next is a mystery for the viewers and to unravel the mystery the viewers have to watch this classic romantic flick.

2) The Notebook-

Nothing can be beautiful than a guy read out a story to a woman he loves and that do their story. The notebook fluctuates between the past and present telling us the story of Noah and Allie who fall in love and withstand the tests of time because true love can never be lost and if two people are meant to be, they will be together. This flick is for the hardcore romantics out there in the world.

 3) P.s I Love You-

Life gives everyone a second chance. This movie is a testament to that and it shows how a woman madly in love with her Irish husband loses him to cancer and is guided on in life through his words, leading her into a completely unexpected situation and that would be falling in love again. This film will inspire all those who want to give life a second chance and are scared to fall in love again.

 4) Never Been Kissed-

Every adult on earth has a secret wish to go and relive their childhood one last time and this movie shows the journey of Drew Barrymore portraying the role of a journalist who is sent back to her high school to work on an article. This movie is for all those people who have a secret desire to go back in time just to relive their childhood and fun times again.

 5) She’s The Man-

Starring Amanda Byne and Channing Tatum, this fun flick takes us through a hilarious ride of how a girl for her passion for soccer changes her look into that of a guy to play to play soccer and like it happens in every other movie, she ends up falling for the male lead. The wonderful performances by both the lead actors make this movie a must watch.

 6) How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days-

This feature film through the characters of Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson shows us what relationships in the modern world are and how it plays a role in people’s lives. This is not a typical romantic film, it uses humorous elements to tickle the funny bone of the viewers.

 7) The Ugly Truth-

Starring the Casanova of Hollywood Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl. This movie is a typical romantic film wherein the hero comes in to save the damsel in distress and ends up falling in love with her. To figure out how and when this happens, it is a perfect winter treat for the single ladies and men out there.

 8) Love Actually


A perfect Christmas gift starring not 2 but 8 couples based in one of world’s best cities and that being London. This movie showcases heartbreak’s and people falling in and out of love during Christmas that makes one think only about love. This feature film gives a realistic painting of life’s difficulties and the happiness it provides in the form of love

 9) Pretty Woman-

An unconventional love story between a businessman and a hooker starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts, set in the early 90’s gives you a glimpse of what love is and how it can blossom between people from different walks of life. It shows that love has no boundaries and is selfless.

 10) The Holiday-

The holiday starring Jack black, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jude law is a classic example of a winter season movie selection because it takes you through the journey of London’s snow laden streets and houses and of course the gorgeous couples in the movie.

 11) The Devil Wears Prada-

This movie starring the legendary actor Meryl Steep as the fashionable devil boss of Anne Hathaway who ends up in fashion magazine house despite having a dream of being a journalist. To know if she gets her dream job, the film is a click away for all the people who are wanting to watch a classic film.

 12) The Perks Of Being A Wallflower- 

Heat touching story of a young guy who was new to college and was a shy introverted man. His life completely changes when makes two senior friends who show him the true side of the world and in his discovery, he also falls in love with Sam, role played by Emma Watson.

 13) 50 First Dates-

A beautiful and heart touching love story of two soulful over Henry and Lucy directed by Peter Segal. The story starts as hit it off and Henry thinks he’s finally found the girl of his dreams until he discovers she has short-term memory loss and forgets him the very next day.

 14) A Walk To Remember-

Huge fan of Nicholas Sparks novels? Here is the treat for you to look forward too. American based love story directed by Adam Shankman. This beautiful love story of two teenagers is full of emotions, chemistry, understanding and charm for people to feel every bit of it.

 15) A Cinderella Story-

Short, simple and sweet this movie deals with the little girl’s bedroom story. And if you are a broken or not-so-in-love kinda person then this beautiful fairy tale story will unfold the inner side of you and make you fall in love with another half. Its a beautiful love story directed by Mark Roseman.

So start ticking off the list. Get set going.


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15 Romantic Movies To Watch In The Warmth Of Your Blanket This Winter

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