6 Big Lessons To Learn After A Break Up That Will Make You A Better Person

Break ups hurt. It sucks. We begin to fear love. We feel like we’ll never be able to love again or re-build our faith in love. But here’s why we should take care of ourselves and not lose heart.

1) We, girls, don’t necessarily need a man.

It’s the idea of being in love that we hold onto so bad. But let’s not fall in love just for the sake of it. Let’s rather get more time to ourselves than wait for the right guy to come along. The fact that we need a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle is rightly said. We are independent, young women.

2) We turn out to be stronger than before.

As the pain hits us, it makes us stronger what we are going to experience next. It’s a necessity so we don’t fall apart in the long run. We may feel like you’ll never be able to smile again but heartbreak has made women stronger than before. We’re stronger than what we think are.

3) We learn to put ourselves first.

We should be our own best friend. Let’s spend some more time with ourselves and do things that make us happy rather than crying over the boy who is flirting with that cute, hot lady right in front of your eyes.

4) We learn to not fall for whoever falls less of what we deserve.

Love will come to us when we least expect it. There’s true love for everybody! Love will come to us at the right time. Let it come find us.

5) We realise there’s more to life rather than dreaming about a fairytale.

We are too young to be sad. We have only got one life. Why not enjoy it to the fullest rather than wait for someone to come along and shower us with cute, lovey-dovey notes and messages and act like they are so much in love with us, just to walk away in the end? We don’t deserve to be this hurt. A little smarter is what we need to become.

6) It’s okay to cry.

It’s okay if you feel like holding on to your best friend and scream out all the pain. But we need to believe that we’ll come around. We’ll smile, laugh again till our lungs burst and fall more in love with ourselves.



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6 Big Lessons To Learn After A Break Up That Will Make You A Better Person

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