6 Myths About Masturbation Girls Should Not Believe!

There are two common things we know about solo sex or masturbation is that almost everyone is doing it, and absolutely no one wants to talk about it! That’s alright that’s your personal life, everybody enjoys it but there is a problem with this Tell No One policy is the huge amount of strange and myths that many adults still somehow believe.

Everybody is familiar with the obvious falsehoods. But, masturbation is an area a lot of sexually active people still don’t quite understand the myths of masturbation.

#1 Women don’t have to masturbate!

This is false and complete nonsense. Women also have sexual needs, just like men! It is made for both sexes and if anyone tells you that it is not meant for women, that’s just a big lie. Every woman should and can explore her sexuality before she allows a man to do so. No one has the right to stop her or point out her.


#2 It’s unhealthy to masturbate during menstruation.

If there’s  any area more fraught with myths than masturbation, its menstruation. But of course, it’s safe and healthy for a woman to masturbate when she has her periods. In fact, an orgasm is a great natural way to induce muscle relaxation, it relieves menstrual cramps.

#3 Masturbation causes infertility!

This myth is absolutely wrong! And it won’t affect your chances of getting pregnant. But there are two small things caveats related to this myth is that may impact your infertility.

Partners who share sex toys should always keep them clean, so they don’t pass on sexually transmitted infections. Untreated, these infections can cause infertility in women and men. You can use condoms on toys or just clean them properly.

There are very specific times and a scenario where men may want to reduce masturbation if they are trying to have a baby.But masturbation doesn’t cause infertility at all.


#4 Women have a finite number of orgasm.

No, no, a thousand times, no. Some people believe that as you get older, your ability to have orgasm naturally goes away. That’s just not true. Age doesn’t change the quality of your orgasm, nor the frequency.


#5 Masturbation stops (or should stop) at a certain age!

There is no right time to start, there is no right time to stop! Masturbation isn’t something you grow out of. Kids, teens, adults, and seniors- research shows definitively that all age groups are doing it. Its a perfectly healthy activity at any age.

#6 Masturbation kills your sex drive.

On the contrary! Masturbation is one of the best ways we can learn about our own sexuality. It can help us to explore what we like and don’t like, which can make sex with a partner a lot more enjoyable.

Some men find that masturbation helps them last longer when they do have sex with a partner. But, both men and women can rest assured, masturbation won’t affect your sex drive or make it harder for you to have an orgasm.





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6 Myths About Masturbation Girls Should Not Believe!

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