6 Reasons Why Having A Best Friend Is Better Than A Boyfriend

So we’re sitting, crying in a corner when our best friend just arrived out of nowhere with tissues, chocolates and our favourite DVDs. They would instantly light up our moods and we would be laughing our hearts out. Here are some of the reasons why this is true :

1) We always have her shoulder to cry on.

So what if that hot guy we were dating for several months chose to turn his head towards the cute, pretty chick he met at a club or at work? We can lean on our best friend’s shoulder, cling on to her and cry for hours. Then laugh it off and go watch our favourite movie together.

2) Our best friend would never judge us.

Out best friend has seen us at our best and also at our worst. And she has been sticking around for all of these years. They’ll love us just the same and never let us down.

3) She knows what makes us happy.

She would make monkey faces, clown around the entire room and make a complete fool of herself only to bring a smile on her BFF’s face. This is how we realize that she is a friend worth holding on to.

4) She knows how to light up our day in seconds.

She’ll take us out for movies, shopping, treat us to our favourite ice cream, tell us jokes all along the way and make us meet cute guys.

5) She will never leave us alone.

We will always find them beside us when we need them. She’ll come running if we’re in deep trouble. She’ll talk to us for as long as we want to and ensure that we’re alright.

6) She has become more like family.

We can’t remember which dress or which books is hers or ours because we’ve grown so close over the years. She’s our sister! We love twinning with her.


That is how we realize that a true best friend is enough. Relationships are temporary. But a girl best friend is permanent and a necessity. Every girl deserves to have a bff who will never make her feel like she has nobody to turn to!

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6 Reasons Why Having A Best Friend Is Better Than A Boyfriend

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