7 Times We Ladies Had Enough With The WTF Products

Oh, the glitters of the ads! The female products being advertised on TV or in the newspaper are enough to dazzle one. Those lip-smacking taglines, adorned with our favorite stars. How can we not be charmed by them! However, beneath such sparkles lie a one-fits-all sexist agenda. So we bring to you eight advertisements of female products which actually drag us to the inferno of complexion.

#1 The Hair Products

We all have seen those tacky hair products’ ads, with out-of-the-world taglines (like Stay Natural, what do we have on our scalps then, seaweed?). The lady appearing in the ad seems to be advertising more of her clothes, her perfect body and hair which ruffles on its own. And we ladies are left with a constipated smile.

#2 Face Creams

The racist, most disheartening of all advertisements. Somehow these creams with their absurd scientific explanations will change your skin complexion.

female face creams

Your financial life will stabilize, romantic life will flourish and the aliens will be waiting in line to abduct you. And oh yes, a gem for you.


#3 Teeth Whiteners

My jaw literally pains after watching teeth whitening commercials. And what is the fuss about gorgeous ladies, with beautiful dresses, with a painful smile forever fixated on their faces, endorsing these female products? We just wanted a teeth whitener mate.

teeth whitener

#4 Body Soaps

The body soaps are another level.

body soap

No seriously, someone please explain the logic behind a lady bathing with her full make-up on and genuinely smiling while bubbles float around and into her mouth? And somehow, after the miraculous bath, the skin-tone changes, the personality changes, the alignment of the whole universe changes. Okay.

#5 Pads

White pants, excessive running, hardcore happiness and drowning positivity. Yes our pretty *cough petty cough* pads’ ads.

typical female products "Pads"

Yes companies, we absolutely love jumping over the fences and generally squirting rainbows out instead of blood during our periods. Because you obviously give us wings. Damn the cramps.

#6 Lip Balms

As much as I am grateful for the lip balms, the ads are cringe-worthy. No, I don’t walk around pouting after applying the balm in the most sexual manner neither do the seasons change in the background and nor do I become a diva instantly. female product lip balm


#7 Kajal

Kajal *delightful gasp* makes our day, agreed wholeheartedly. But how do they turn us into models, wearing skin tight clothes is beyond me. We can suddenly scale buildings, fight like a badass and generally ooze ultra sexiness.


What is common and absolutely debasing in all these ads is that somehow they all portray a supposedly idealized version of a female, with a perfect figure, spot on make-up, revealing clothes and a bewitching persona from a male’s gaze. This sexualizing of women’s body has been in trend since the advent of the advertising world. This glorification of a certain figure has created a big set of problems among the women and girls.

Instead of accepting the wide spectrum of female world, we are gagged with just one icon. Let us stop prioritizing such toxic stereotypes. Every girl is perfect and is in no need of approval from such advertisements. So, kind companies, be more accepting and stop being a douchebag.


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7 Times We Ladies Had Enough With The WTF Products

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