9 Reasons Why Our Generation Is Suffering From GAMOPHOBIA- The Idea Of Getting Married.

“To love, is the highest reward… and to stay committed is the biggest fear!” Welcome to generation ‘easy-makeup-and-breakup’- where marriage is nothing but the most unwanted call imposed in the minds and thoughts.

Coming from a civilization of arrange marriages, our generation is getting scared of the entire idea of marriage. From finding the perfect match to increasing number of divorces, marriages have affected the modern mindset and marriages are simply not a priority anymore.

 And here’s the reason why our generation is suffering from GAMOPHOBIA– the idea of getting married.

1.Nobody wants to loose their freedom.

There is a common notion that marriage kills freedom. Single people today are much more proud about not being dependent and being on their own. However, after marriage the picture changes and you become answerable for every action.

2.Compromise is not our cup of tea

Compromise cannot be a one-sided affair! We are not ready to compromise and we respect equality. But post marriage, things get difficult when you want to be by yourself but have somebody always there. We are way too obsessed with our personal space and respects.

3.We are far more away from the concept of ideal bahu

Women these days don’t find gratification in being the perfect homemaker .This generation does not believe in perfectionism and idealism. Everybody wants to be financially independent and the pursuit of ambitions has become the priority.

4. We are in the quest of finding “Ourselves”

Everybody wants to find “self” and understand the true purpose of their life. It isn’t new, since Gautama Buddha did the same thing with his family life. A wondering mind should not be controlled with the chains of marriage. Let your dreams fly high.

5. Commitment has become a ‘nightmare’ for us

Marriages mean being together for life. There are so many insecurities in life that commitment has lately become a scary picture for us. Now that’s a fear! Yes we all are commitment phobic.

6.Increasing Divorce Rates had made us to believe that there is nothing like happily ever after.

Our generation is more realistic and logical. We have already witnessed that divorce rates are growing and people are walking out of their partners. If parting ways is the only escape, then why go through the ordeal of getting married in the first place?

7. We don’t want marriage to play the part of companionship

Companionship is not all about wedding. Our generation is surrounded by family, friends, love and even pets. We don’t want to pay attention to marriage just for companionship.

8.It’s difficult to deal with orthodox-in-laws and their rules.

Our mothers keep telling us how post marriage everyone has to adjust to fit in the new house and new relationships. Our mothers and their mothers adjusted but our generation finds difficult to adjust because of our lifestyle. The unrealistic expectations from in-laws also freaks out youngsters these days.

9.We are more career oriented now-a-days.

Spending 25 years in education doesn’t mean that on one fine day, you will end up getting married to a complete stranger. Our generation is much more career-oriented- we know where to channelize the energies.

The whole idea is not to declare marriage as an unnecessary part of life but to understand that the present generation is getting scared rather than dreaming about the perfect marriage. Traditions and understanding need to be changed to overcome this. We can always get married when the time is right”.





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9 Reasons Why Our Generation Is Suffering From GAMOPHOBIA- The Idea Of Getting Married.

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