CELEBRITIES Who Fought Mental Illness And Wear A Smile On Their Faces Today

To all of us suffering from mental health issues, let us not bother about what people think of us. It is as normal as it gets! Few of our own favourite celebrities have made confessions of having dealt with mental health problems too. Their greatness lies in how they overcame it. Here, we are going to talk about few celebrities from the Bollywood film industry who have not let an overpowering mental disorder get the better of them. They have told the nation why there is no need to be ashamed of it.

1) Shah Rukh Khan

Our very own “King Khan” of Bollywood had suffered from a phase of clinical depression but soon overcame it. During a shoot in 2008, he went through ligament injury and had to undergo surgery. This led to depression. But he fought the illness within himself and made successful films like “My Name is Khan”, Chennai Express”, “Happy New Year”, soon after.

2) Anushka Sharma

One of our most well known Bollywood divas, Anushka Sharma has openly talked about suffering from anxiety. She has undergone medication and feels that it is totally normal. She feels that more and more people should be open about their health problems. To her, mental issue is as normal as a stomach ache. She wants to make it her mission to make people aware about fighting the signs of anxiety and not bury it within themselves.

3) Deepika Padukone

Deepika has been said to have fought depression at the peak of her success. She has confessed to have not wanted to live in a miserable situation and came out of it. She believed that she could find courage within herself and so she did. The people around her made her believe that she is capable of doing great things. Deepika, today, provides a helping hand towards fighting the stigma related to mental illness. Her foundation – “The Live, Love, Laugh Foundation” helps to look into the mental health issues of the people in order to help them undergo medication to reduce it.

4) Karan Johar

Karan Johar, in front of the media, has revealed how he had fought clinical depression. Johar said that he had not been able to understand that his problems of anxiety resulted from some issues he had to deal with. He has consulted a psychologist after his doctor consulted him to. He has said that he forgot how being happy felt like. It as if he felt like he was devoid of all love and happiness. However, he is happy and proud with his little daughter and son today.

5) Aamir Khan 

Our very own Mr. Perfectionist, Aamir Khan who can make us smile through our tears has been known to have fought with depression. He has said that after his popular show, “Satyameva Jayate” ended, he and his entire team battled a mental disorder which to him was a post – traumatic disorder. For them, bringing out in the open, some painful truths of the society was a difficult task and they have been touched by the people who have talked about how they overcame times of hardship and suffering. Aamir Khan along with his team members underwent medication post the show.

6) Ileana D’Cruz

Ileana D’Cruz talked about how she battled with Body Dsymorphic Disorder, anxiety and depression and has only come out stronger. She has told the nation that their is nothing to be shameful about suffering from mental illness. She is very grateful to her family and friends to have been with her throughout her journey.

7) Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan has revealed how he was battling with depression during the shooting of “Badlapur”. He has confessed that though he was not clinically declared depressed, he knew he was slowly getting there. He consulted a doctor because it was affecting his mental health. He said that the role that he had to play in the film had an adverse effect on him. He talked about it later and showed the world how it is okay to ask for help.


These famous Bollywood personalities show the world how it is completely normal to reach out for help when one is in dire need of it. Talking helps. We instantly start feeling better if one provides a hug or maybe, even a warm smile would lift our spirits up. No need to stress out. Let’s carry ourselves with confidence, put on our best smile and hold our heads up high. Have a good day!

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CELEBRITIES Who Fought Mental Illness And Wear A Smile On Their Faces Today

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