#Confessed: I Thought My Organs Burst Inside Me And I Was Dying When I Got My First Period

To have your periods for the first time is similar to the eruption of a dormant volcano. One minute everything is all quiet and nice, the next minute the seemingly calm forest is spewing out lava, that too in absurd quantity.

I got my first periods when I was ten years old *gasp*. Yes, yes I was too young to have them but kindly refrain from having those stereotypical responses. That sh*t can give you surprise anytime and it is NOT pleasant.

Hey there, I’m your uterus and I’m going on a killing spree.

So back to my incident. I was in fifth standard *double gasp*. Because my lady luck was in collaboration with my fetish fate, it was a Friday and that meant white uniforms.

Surprise, surprise.

My van as usual arrived at my school at around 7:30 am and I leisurely got out, happily waiting for the classes to begin (yes I have been a nerd since forever). Little did I know, the Satan had already crept into my uterus. As my driver gave me my bag, one of my friends (let’s call her Meena) very innocently pointed out that I had some red paint on my white skirt. And yes, that was the initiation ceremony into the tradition of checking out the bums of our fellow comrades in testing times. Surely enough, a small patch of redness was visible. I brushed it off. I mean pfft, what was such a big deal about it anyhow.

The day went on smoothly for a while. In the third period, I believe, we had our sports class. Of course, now that I look back, it feels as if every fabric of the universe was eager to shed my blood, literally. Being a super sporty gal, I ran and jumped and did every possible stunt to invite the Satan out of my ding dong, unknowingly. I swear I didn’t even know when the dam burst. One of the boys of my class came to me (of all my luck)  and again very innocently told me that my skirt was all red. I didn’t really panic then. I checked my skirt and surely enough it was a after scene of some battle. All flushed, I ran to the girl’s washroom and locked myself up in one of the stalls. It was the time for reckoning. I pulled up my ruined skirt and pulled down my dripping panty. I am not joking, I screamt a bit. I mean what do you even expect if one day your excretion channel turned into a red flood. I confess I cried a lot because I thought one of my organs had burst inside me. Yes, laugh all you want but to a ten year old,  it was a living nightmare.

A Nightmare on the Period Street.

Anyhow I washed myself up as much as I could. The best part is yet to come. Wiping away my tears, I went out of the washroom. My P.T.  teacher was passing through the hall. I took a rigid stance and literally marched by her so that she couldn’t notice my mess. She saw my panicked expression and I wildly thought that what exactly gave me away. She took one glance at my skirt, had this horrified expression on her face which didn’t exactly help my fried nerves and took me to the nurse’s room. Now, you can imagine my state of mind. Nurse was the last person I wanted to see because that meant, to me, that my organ had really burst and my death was near. My P.T. teacher mumbled few words to the nurse and trust me, it looked like a shady conspiracy. Then the nurse went to a cupboard, took out this weird poly bag and from it, extracted out something white, a cloth like stuff and handed it to me. I started at it thinking why in world was it being given to me. The nurse looked at me meaningfully. However when she realized that I was getting dumber by the second, she gently asked me to put it on my panty. I am telling you I had no idea what she meant. But since I was already gaining an image of an idiot in front of her, I gave a nod. She continued to stare at me.

THE WOMAN THOUGHT I WOULD GO NAKED IN FRONT OF HER! I muttered my request to leave me alone while I put on whatever it was. She left me, thankfully. So now, my biggest confusion began. How to put it on? I pulled off its paper packaging from its back and stared at for a while. The nurse was urging me to be quick. So if you please, I put on the sticky part up and the absorbing part down on my panty because I was super intelligent that way. Obviously when it stuck to my bush, my ego took a beating. I asked her, panicked that what was happening to me and handed back the ruined pad (as I later came to know about its identity). She seemed annoyed. Well, excuse me for being scared and confused. However, she put it on the right way. Thankfully the battle was over, for the day. I was given a new skirt and my mother was called to pick me up.

Of course, all this panic and fear would have been spared if I was informed about this earlier. But as usual, majority of the parents (mothers, to be precise) deem it fit to let girls discover it by themselves. The fear later doesn’t really help. Parents should understand themselves and make their children realize that menstrual cycle is a very normal phenomena and not some hoo-haa. It should be discussed freely and comfortably with everyone, especially girls, so that they are prepared.


Editor’s Note: This confession was provided us to one from one of our brave heart audiences. We feel privileged to bring out the tears and incidences from the dark corners of one’s life to this platform. We look forward to such more confessions. Kindly step forward and share your story with Upside Me so that it does not go into vain.

#Confessed: I Thought My Organs Burst Inside Me And I Was Dying When I Got My First Period

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