How To Defeat Winter Skin Using 5 Everyday Remedies!

Winter is a villain for women with dry and sensitive skin. The merciless cold air dries and dehydrates making it feel flaky and itchy. How can you not mention the mistaken ‘blush’ on the cheeks when it appears red due to chapping?

If you want to have soft, glowing skin all winter long naturally without tons of creams or moisturizers invading your skin, you’ve come to the right place!

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  1. Ditch the usual, opt natural:

    While it’s as tempting as it can get, lukewarm water actually prevents excessive removal of oils from your skin which can reduce the dryness. Ditch the usual chemical moisturizers and switch to butter, honey and yogurt which have triple powers of softening your skin, hydrating them and as a bonus, they also act as anti-oxidants.

  2. Drink like there is no tomorrow:

    Water that is! While we dream for wearing over-sized sweaters and sipping that hot cup of coffee, what we don’t think of is the latter’s dehydrating powers. For hydration from the inside, lukewarm water (maybe with lemon or honey) is a must.

  3. Stop wearing the masks:

    Those chemical masks may do the job but nothing beats achieving toned and hydrated skin naturally. For best results combine honey, banana, olive oil and yogurt in a preferred proportion and apply the paste. Let it dry for 10-20 minutes and scrub it off gently while massaging your skin.
  4. Get rid of irritants and toxins:

    Winter skin is as fragile as a thin piece of glass. Get as far as you can from allergens like sand, or avoid dry fabrics like wool which can play with your skin. Wear scarves to shield from the bitter cold air and apply gentle natural sunscreens.

  5. Make up, but differently:

    Deter from powders and chemical based foundations. Opt for hydrating lip balms and most importantly, don’t forget to moisturize beforehand. The best practice is mixing equal amounts of moisturizer and foundation before applying.


And there you are, you have defeated winter! Congratulations, now you can fearlessly enjoy the tingling chills in the warmth of your own skin. But also don’t forget to protect against the cold!


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How To Defeat Winter Skin Using 5 Everyday Remedies!

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