Why Is It So Difficult To Be A Woman In INDIA?

India remains ‘no country for women’! 

Firstly, congratulations Manushi Chillar for making us proud on the world’s stage by winning the Miss World Crown 2017 after 17 years of hard work and struggle.

While such stories are praised in general talk and their hard work is told to be the benchmark, why is another story which deserves applause for bravery criticized?

Yes, we are talking about Deepika Padukone. You have to be really brave to be Deepika Padukone right now because if you are her, then every morning you would be greeted with threats of physical abuse and scathing criticism from certain groups all for just playing a character in a movie.

Why? Is it because it apparently represented someone in history which we would otherwise not even remember while reading our history textbooks? Why? Is it because it has touched the extremely ‘baby sensitive’ subject like religion whose books we still haven’t read and whose true essence and meaning even have not been understood and perhaps never will.

Well, the answer is none of the above. It is because we live in a land called India where the measure of success is not just the work you do created by layers of hardwork and dedication, it is the ‘acceptance’ of the general society into some imaginary mold which exists in their mind which is shaped by some crappy rules. If she fits in she is good, otherwise what are you waiting for? Start with insults and respond with the hashtag campaigns on social media.

The question is even if she fits the mold and ticks all checkboxes, is she safe? Not at all. Why would a 4-year old get raped by her teachers in school which is supposed to be a ‘second home’?

All of the efforts are being focused to scathe at a movie but why not similar campaigns against the Gurugram Rape Case?

The conclusion is, from the time a girl is born, she has to be within that mold and also protect herself from physical and sexual abuse. Apparently because men are ‘always right’ and not women. It has almost become a customary to every woman of all physical sizes and ethnic backgrounds to face sexual assault, because otherwise, her gender has no meaning right?

The irony is a woman standing for protesting against atrocities against another woman is also groped. Girls are taught, what and what not to wear, not to look into eyes of males, not to touch them, not to smile at them un-necessary because that might ‘arouse them’. Our assumption is that men get aroused due to clothes, ok, how can we then explain the assault against the burkha clad woman or the innocent 4-year old?

Source: post.jagran.com

Yet we deter from talking about sex as a family topic during dinner or a societal topic in schools? When will the males learn? What are we even waiting for? Girls should not be taught how to appear in the society, males must be taught how to behave. But yes, men have this one hashtag on their side for every women related crime, #notallmen.

Forget criticism and atrocities, women are not paid equally whether she is a sports person, a host or an employee. At that very second when the world stood up to Manushi Chillar’s triumph, one girl child somewhere was killed even before she could see the lights of life.

Source: medifitbiologicals.com

Considering the rich mythological and cultural background our country has, we have seriously messed up the present.

Again we women repeat, males should respect females. She is not an object to be used but a soul to be nurtured. There is no favor being done on women if men praise them or give them some rights equal to them. It is their duty and responsibility to ensure fairness among the genders.

Whether her body is like a sandclock or not, no one has the rights to body shame her, whether she represents the day 7 of a fairness cream ad or not, no one should call her ugly. She is not an outlet for frustration and angst. She should not be made to look down while passing through a group of males and neither should she be made to wait alone on stranded streets late at night.

Source: ibtimes.co.uk

It is not a ‘choice’ for men, it is their right, just like how it is their right to breathe and talk.

That’s the day India is waiting for when women go hand in hand with men without a drop of fear and all the thousands of safety applications created for women would turn useless and the girl un-installs it from her phone with a smile.

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Why Is It So Difficult To Be A Woman In INDIA?

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