Fashion Icons Of All Time And The Trends That They Made Famous

Almost all of our clothing trends are inspired by the fashion industry be it a sober piece of cloth or a runway garb, nothing remains swathed. While the fashion industry never disappoints us in providing a whole good score of trends every now and then, it would not have been where it is now without these legendary trendsetters.

Nowadays, when every what about around the world gets in our ears just as it is exposed to the world, Celebrities share everything with their fans around the world through social media. However, the ladies who invented such majestic styles didn’t have the same controlling opportunity, so the fact that we still consider them fashion icons implies that they must’ve known what they are doing. Presently, when a celebrity is spotted clad in a new style, (s)he is usually made fun of. There was a time when celebrities acted as an influencing force and were not criticized instead. As a result of which the Old generation stars could wear anything of their choice bringing some of them to trends that are still in vogue. The following 10 fashion enthusiasts not only had successful careers but they also used their style-sense to hurl them into stardom. Check out what we’ve got for you:   

1.Audrey Hepburn: The Little Black Dress:

Audrey Hepburn for Breakfast at Tiffany’s Film

Audrey Hepburn is the reason for fashion’s obsession with the Little Black Dress. Her classic Holly Golightly looks from Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the most iconic ‘Old Hollywood’ photos out there.


2.Grace Kelly: The Preppy Princess

Designer Oleg Cassini stands with actress Grace Kelly

Classic and Sophisticated. Grace Kelly’s sense of style was just sinless. Her iconic feminine dresses and tailored rig-outs made her the most stylish celebrity of her time. Even Hermès renamed one of their purse, the Kelly Bag, after she was spotted carrying one in a number of occasions.


3.Madonna: Costume Couture

One Of The Photoshoots Of Madonna

Whether she is wearing navel-baring miniskirts, cone bras, or Gap jeans, Madonna has been a fashion leader since she became famous in the mid-1980s


4.Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Chic Simple



Jackie Kennedy in Chanel, 1967

From her debutante days, through her brief golden years in the White House, her chic Onassis era and on to the end of her life, Jackie was always breathtakingly, unforgettably stylish. A true fashion icon.


5.Elizabeth Taylor: Queen of Diamonds

She with her plunging necklines, fur wraps, feather boas, and eye-catching headpieces used to leave everyone awestruck wherever she went. Still, Elizabeth is remembered as a glitz and glamor diva.


6.Diana Ross: Maximalist

Wearing a feather boa and sequined dress during a concert, Photo by Terry O’Neil, in 1975

Diana Ross’ style changed over the juncture of her walk of life. Motown would not be what it is today without her influence. From extravagant wigs to embellished gowns, Diana shed a positive light on the term ‘diva’ and blurred the line between costume and everyday wear.


7.Katharine Hepburn: Menswear For Ladies

Katharine Hepburn was the most versatile actress of her generation. On-screen, Katharine fashioned her very own personal style that manifested the American look, whereas her off-screen wardrobe looked on favor with sportswear. Still, the costumes she wore for her movies were the reason she’s now remembered for.


8.Marilyn Monroe: Dangerous Curves

Her feminine curves and undeniable sex appeal

Marilyn Monroe was known for her feminine curves and undeniable sex appeal. From high-waisted bikinis to her classic The Seven Year Itch look, Marilyn flagged the way for Hollywood luxurious trends and created a legacy that continues to be impersonated on a regular basis.

9.Lauren Bacall: Princess of Prints

Lauren posing wearing rose print

Lauren Bacall’s oomph factor in combination with her effortless glamour is what makes her one of the fashion’s most iconic actresses. From silk blouses to blazers, to pencil skirts, and even to pleated trousers, Lauren transformed professional attire into a simplistically glamorous style.


10.Twiggy: The Mod Model

twiggy 1960s mod vintage fashion, Twiggy style, Twiggy hair, swinging 60s

Twiggy quickly rose to stardom after being photographed with drawn-on lashes, which was a trend that had yet to be explored. Once she had established herself as an ‘it’ girl, she became a notable fashion icon known for her daring and trendsetting 60s styles!

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Fashion Icons Of All Time And The Trends That They Made Famous

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