Here’s Why Every Girl Wants A Husband Exactly Like Virat!!

“OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. WOW.” Isn’t that how all of us reacted to Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s ultra sweet, over the top wedding? Don’t some of us dream of or rather, start praying we get hitched like that? Yes, we do. Virat, from being a fine cricketer to being the man we wish for our future partners to be like. Here are some of the reasons we can relate to :

1) Virat has proven to be the man who would look at his woman like she’s the only woman in the world.

Virat has never been rumoured to have been in a secret affair elsewhere. Wouldn’t we want somebody who would hold on to us like they cannot live without us? The one who could stare into our eyes for the rest of their lives and not give two hoots about the perfect hot blonde standing right beside the corner.

2) For Virat, Anushka is his top priority. He made sure that Anushka felt blessed, deeply loved, joyful, valued and cared for at every moment of their journey together.

All a girl wants is for her man to make time for her. To let her know that he cares more than what she’ll ever know. To make her realise that he cannot do without her. And to let her know she’s loved deeply and has him to hold on to forever.

3) He puts a smile on Anushka’s face by the little things he does for her. 

We have seen cute moments where Virat would wave at Anushka cheering for him while he’s on his duty on field to holding her hand public to posing with her in front of the camera to finding how he would whisper sweet nothings into her ears while he puts a ring on her finger. Every girl finds happiness in the little things their man would do for them. Every girl appreciates the effort.

4) Virat has been with Anushka through thick and thin. 

Yes, they might have had a rocky road amidst their time together but they only came out stronger. He would be the man who never leaves his girl at any cost. And wouldn’t we want a man to treat us like a princess like Virat has all along?

5) The way he looks into her eyes!

That stunning look on Virat’s face and his charming smile would make us blush. It would return our faith in love.

6) The fact that Virat stuck to Anushka throughout the wedding rituals and made her feel special every moment is not something every groom would do.

More than half of the bridegrooms are not to be seen the whole time during their mehendi and sangeet functions and other rituals that follow.

Wouldn’t we crave for a love which is beyond perfect? Do we not wish that we too land upon somebody who would be as good looking, honest, smart, loyal and charming like Virat? This is how he got every girl’s head turned towards him and his amazingly perfect love story.

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Here’s Why Every Girl Wants A Husband Exactly Like Virat!!

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