Here’s Why You’re Unsanskaari AF According To Society!!

As a girl, I apologise, as an INDIAN girl, you’re expected to be a certain way.

If you can’t, well then you’re expected to act that certain way.

If you fail to keep up with the standards of the society that have been bestowed on you well then, I hate to tell you but you’re Unsanskaari. You’re a disgrace, you suck and no one likes you.

If you want to be liked by everyone in an Indian society, you have to act the way you are expected to.


It’s 2017 and it’s time to spread awareness about how girls should behave and how they should be.

Let’s face it now, shall we?

Here are 9 signs that you’re Unsanskaari and solutions to change that.


1. You speak your mind.

You are not afraid to say what you want despite knowing the fact that you are a girl and how it’s a sin only if you’re girl.

Solution- Stop talking. For life. Hello, you’re a woman. We weren’t given our mouths to talk.

Yup. That’s about it.


2. Your rotis are not round.

You, unfortunately value other things in life like your career or your family or your love life more than making round rotis.

Solution- Stop everything and start practicing the art of making round rotis every morning from 6-10.

Yup. Let that Indian aunty tell you the ish that matters.


3. You actually care about your career.

You believe that you are someone, that you actually have a life (LOL) and want to make something off it.

Solution- Realise that women are not people. Therefore, you deserve no career or life or anything at all.

GURL, you need an Alex in your life to show you were you stand. Look at superwoman, she actually took his advice and is making rotis at home now.


4. You have some or many ‘masculine’ traits.

If you like sports, or wear pants or have short hair, girl you’re Unsanskaari. Don’t you know girls don’t play sports? They’re only supposed to play with kitchen sets cause that’s what they are gonna do in the future as well.

Also, NEVER wear pants. Sari is the only way to go. And short hair, really?

Solution- Start wearing saris and performing Pooja at 10am in the morning after roti lessons like girls are supposed to. Then you are free to play with your kitchen sets. Or barbie, so she can tell you what to look like along with society 🙂

5. You don’t hesitate to answer back.

According to society, it is very Unsanskaari for a girl to answer back. Apparently, your uterus starts decaying after every word you spit out of your mouth against an elder person.

So GIRL, Stop.

Solution- Know that your mouth was made to fake smile, shut up and cry and nothing else.

Amrish Puri knew the ish.

6. You curse.

The most Unsanskaari thing to do is to curse when you’re a girl. It’s only a male birth right, get it mother fucker ?

Solution- Put a cello tape on your mouth. Even if you can’t breathe, it’s fine, you’re a burden anyway.

7. You have male friends.

Alok Nath won’t bless you if you befriend a guy. It’s a sin. Obviously not on his part cause he’s a stud but on yours.

Solution- Avoid every boy of your age until you marry one and are forced to have sex with him

When aunties find out you have male friends. 


8. You actually want freedom.

It’s Unsanskaari to ask for freedom. Society suggests that Girls are meant to be locked in cages.

Solution- Buy a cage with daddy’s money cause you can’t do a job and then lock yourself in it.

9. You’re unapologetically yourself.

The most disgusting trait any Indian girl can possess is being herself. I mean, what kind of sanskaar is that?

Solution- Just Stop. Wear a man’s wig and go out and live the life you always wanted. Cause then you’ll actually deserve it.


Sarcasm and Jokes Aside.
A girl, a female, a woman- she is boundless.

She should not be defined by the standards forced upon her.

A girl, after all, can be only two things (not Sanskaari or Unsanskaari) – who and what she wants.


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Here’s Why You’re Unsanskaari AF According To Society!!

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