What Are Some Of The Lies Our Parents Said To Us When We Were Little?

Remember being little kids? Our parents would tell us witty, humorous lies to keep us away from doing things that are not good for us. Here are the 10 top lies that our parents said to us :

1) “Our tongue would turn black every time we lie”

We were literally scared to open our mouths in fear of exposing our so-called black tongue the number of times we lied to hide our mischievousness. This was a trick to keep us away from lying and grow up to become truthful ladies or gentlemen.

2) “If we eat the seed of the watermelon, a tree would grow inside our stomach”

That would totally keep us away from having seeds of any fruit in fear of having a tree growing inside our stomach! Obviously, now we know that munching on a seed is not good for our health.

3) “It is time for bed when the clock strikes 9 Pm”

Well, 9 Pm is not really what we call “Time for bed!” but that’s what our parents said to us to make us go to bed on time. ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ has definitely made us healthy and wise. Wealthy would follow in a couple of years. Thanks, mom and dad.

4) “Santa Clause will not give us gifts on Christmas at midnight if we have been naughty”

This, they would tell us all year round! And the moment we misbehaved, we were said that we won’t receive gifts from Santa on Christmas! That would make us miserable and we made it a point to be a good kid and behave ourselves.

5) “The internet lady would turn off the internet by 6 pm”

We were told that there was an Internet lady who would switch off the data connection once It’s 6’O clock. That stopped us from not being on the internet after a given point of time and do our school homework in the evening.

6) “We will lose our eyesight if we sit in front of the television for hours”

We obviously didn’t want to lose our eyesight when we were very small. This kept us from watching cartoon all day and made us study or read story books just the way our parents wanted it.

7) “They told us that they had a secret camera in which they were able to see what we do in school”

They would use this trick to keep us away from being nasty in school and be good, well mannered students. We didn’t want our parents to figure out if we had stolen pencils, erasers or even notebooks that belonged to other kids, put paint on our faces and played in the mud during school time.

8) “All the shops selling ice cream are closed”

Didn’t we just close our eyes and believe them when we wanted to eat too much of ice cream and they would tell us that they cannot get ice cream for us since all the shops are closed? Our parents definitely saved us from having too many cavities this way.

9) “The more we eat green vegetables, it would eventually taste like candy”

Green vegetables make us healthier. But since we prefer munching on candies instead, they made us eat our share of vegetables this way.

10) “There are no replacement batteries for that toy”

The fact that our precious toy car wouldn’t start anymore or our favourite doll that used to sing and dance would remain silent definitely made us feel terrible. This saved us from fiddling with our toys all the time and we rather did some creative work in the meantime.

Today, as grown-up people, we realize that our parents told us these cute, funny lies because they wanted the best for us. They wanted us to grow up and be obedient, diligent, sensible, responsible and dutiful and achieve every success which makes them proud parents!

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What Are Some Of The Lies Our Parents Said To Us When We Were Little?

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