Here Is A List Of New Traditions That Followed In Six Weddings Of 2017!

A wedding is a ceremony where two people or a couple are united in marriage. Commonly, Marriage is one of the most important events in an individual’s life. It is coming together of two individuals, two souls and two families. In the Indian context, the importance and sanctity of the wedding institution can be gauged from the fact that a number of rituals are performed to accomplish it. But, this year something new happened, new traditions were followed which actually broke the stereotype!

#1. No need to invite everybody to your wedding!

As all of us saw the fairytale wedding of Virat and Anushka which was hosted by them in Tuscany. Their wedding was a very private event, where only close family members were invited. This step made their wedding get accomplished without any trouble and very peacefully.

So, by this, we can say that there is not necessary to invite loads of people to your wedding. you can invite less and enjoy your day more like Virushka did!

#2. Hansika Chandiramani organized her own baraat!

For some of us, it sounds weird or confusing and might be thinking that there might be a spelling mistake, but no there is not any mistake. You all are reading it correctly that a bride organised her own baraat! Hansika organised her baraat where 6 women were playing the dhol until her wedding venue. Hansika wore a pink lehenga and LED sneakers.

Image result for Hansika Chandiramani baraat

Nowhere it is mention that a baraat will only belong to the groom or only he will come to take her bride away with him.

#3. Hansika Chandiramani sponsored her entire wedding!

Yes! this desi bride sponsored her entire wedding by many brands and advertisers sponsors. She chose to wear a rented outfit for her wedding instead of spending lakhs on a designer outfit. She extremely felt vile on spending loads of money for just one day!

Image result for Hansika Chandiramani baraat

#4. Avantika Singh goes for a makeup-free look!

Most of the brides spend thousands for their bridal makeup to look perfect on their big day. But, Avantika decided to go makeup free on her wedding! She never favoured for makeup and always preferred to go with a natural look! That is why she goes for a makeup-free look.

Image result for avantika singh wedding

#5. This couple donated their wedding money to a charity!

The Mumbai based cops donated around 2 lakhs to a charity instead of having a lavish wedding. They believe that there is no need for a wedding to be lavish and grand. They make us believe too!

Image result for manoj patil wedding

#6. A bride made a cheesy wedding video with her bridesmaids! 

A bride Amisha Bhardwaj decided to shoot a video with her bridesmaids. They all dressed in shorts and tried so many cheesy poses on Bollywood songs. This was actually a fun to do.

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Here Is A List Of New Traditions That Followed In Six Weddings Of 2017!

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