Madhya Pradesh Becomes India’s First State To Impose Death Penalty On Rape Of Girls Aged 12 Or Below

Madhya Pradesh records most rape cases in India.
On 4th December 2017, the State passed a bill unanimously that calls for a death penalty for people convicted of rape and gang-rape, where the victim is 12 years of age, or less.

The bill now waits for the presidential approval.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan made a bold statement saying that- (Translated in English) Those who rape innocent 12-year-old girls are not human, but demons, and have no right to live.

Considering the increasing rape cases and the consistent threat to the safety of women in India, there is undoubtedly a great need for harsher rape laws in our country (even if they mean death penalty).

Days after passing the bill, CM Chouhan further announced that girls in schools and colleges will be trained in martial arts and other forms of combat so that they can defend themselves from men who harass them.

This was indeed a very smart step towards protecting the safety of women, however, it still remains a matter of debate whether there should be death penalty only for rapists of girls aged 12 or below or should it be for all age groups?

Rape is after all rape- a heinous disgusting inhuman crime that requires punishment that needs to go further than just a few days of arrest and then bail.

But, this was indeed an excellent step forward towards a protecting the safety of womankind in our society.

Rape laws need to be further discussed and sharpened in a way that there is a considerable decrease in the number of rape cases and a general upgradation in the safety and lives of Indian women.


there’s no denying that this bill might very well be the start towards a safer India for women.

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Madhya Pradesh Becomes India’s First State To Impose Death Penalty On Rape Of Girls Aged 12 Or Below

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