Shocking: 15 Year Cancer Survivor Was Gang Raped By Two Friends And Again Raped For Seeking Help!

When a girl wears a skirt or anything short then our so-called society comments about her that oh she is characterless, she is seducing the males, she wants to have sex that is why they got raped! 

Well if we could see the ratio of rapes then we will realise that most of the rape victims are little girls or the one who wore full clothes!

Girls are not inviting to rape them, they are not the reason! They are the creepy and mentally ill men, not the girls!

Once again this terrible incident happened! One MORE RAPE VICTIM. Where is our hypocrite society now when a cancer survivor got raped on 9th December 2017? 

In a shocking incident, a 15-year-old blood cancer survivor was gang-raped by two men in Sarojininagar, Lucknow on Saturday night. When she asked help from a passerby, he too tried to force himself on her. Within a span of six hours, the victim was gang-raped twice. While one of the accused Virendra Yadav has been arrested, Lucknow police have launched a manhunt to nab another youth.

On Saturday, at around 8.30 pm, when the victim was leaving home to buy groceries from a nearby market, Shubham, an acquaintance called her up and invited her to go out and eat noodles. She left her home at 9 pm and met him, who then took her to a deserted place. After few minutes of chatting, Shubham took her to his Sumit and insisted that they should go and eat noodles, police said.

After covering some distance, however, the two youths gang-raped her in a dark secluded spot. After they fled the scene, the girl somehow collected herself and managed to reach the main road. “I was unable to walk or speak properly and was trembling with fear,” she told police.

After the accused fled the spot, the victim managed to reach the main road. While she was looking for help, another man Virendra, who was passing by, stopped and offered help to the victim. he took the minor to the roadside and raped her. “When the girl was trying to get to her home, at around 11 pm, Virendra Yadav (38), who was passing by on his Bullet bike, offered to help her and drop her home. The girl accepted his offer. However, he instead took the minor to the roadside, raped her and left her there.

Following the second incident, the girl could not move for hours. She reached home at around 3 in the morning and narrated her ordeal to her parents, who immediately lodged an FIR with the Sarojininagar Police.

Girl in hospital, now stable.

The survivor — hailing from a very humble background — is undergoing treatment and is now in a stable condition. Her father has a small business in Sarojininagar. Youngest of three daughters, though she isn’t fighting cancer anymore, she nurtures a dream of obtaining higher education, said her father.

 ASP (east) Sarvesh Mishra said Shubham belongs to the girl’s locality and efforts are on to arrest him.
 We rape them, being a stranger, friend or husband to them because ladkiyaan toh khuli teejori ki tarah hoti? (Because women are like open treasure boxes).

And if reading all this doesn’t pierce a hole in your chest then I am sorry to say but you are still way behind from knowing the true essence of it. I am not telling you to treat women as a Goddess but treat them as a human being at least. We don’t deserve to die every moment just because we are born as women.

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Shocking: 15 Year Cancer Survivor Was Gang Raped By Two Friends And Again Raped For Seeking Help!

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