#SHOCKING: Vidya Balan Shamed After She Revealed Being Masturbated At A Local Train

As women, we all have had sexual harassment encounters with men. Most of us, at some point or the other, have been being treated as a weakling in a male-dominant society. Men tend to think they have an upper hand over women and they can behave in any manner they want to.

Recently in Neha Dhupia’s radio show, No Filter Neha season 2; the actress, Vidya Balan was having a gala time on the podcast as she went on to reveal several interesting pieces of information from her personal as well as professional life.

During the course of her conversation, Vidya went on to reveal a shocking incident about a man masturbating in front of her in a local train. The actress shared that the horrific incident took place while she was coming back from college with her friends on a local train . And here’s what she said:

“I was in the ladies’ compartment coming back from Xavier’s where I studied. Three of us friends. We were just sitting and chatting and suddenly I saw this guy get in and sit on the opposite side. So I said yeh ladies hai and he said oh accha ladies hai. He said haan agle station pe utarta hu. Agle station pe he went towards the exit so we thought he got off. Once the train started he came in again and said oh main nahi utra, main agle station pe utarta hu. So he was sitting there by the window. And then I kept looking at him and it was very uncomfortable you know. You get a sense that something’s fishy. By then he pulled his zip down and he started you know masturbating, shagging right there! He flashed us and I had a writing pad or a file or something in my hand. I went and hit him aur maine maa behen ki gaali bhi di. Pushed him towards the exit and then literally pushed him out of the train. I was enraged!”


It takes a lot of courage on part of a woman to relive such a traumatic moment and share it with the world.  Coming from a feminist icon like Vidya Balan, who is known from making bold choices and breaking stereotypes, such narrations only give women the courage to fight back for self in this male- dominated society.

Sample these comments. They are taken from the comment section of a post shared by a news portal on the same incident. They range from being stupid to aggressively misogynist.

Like seriously, revealing something disgusting is like these people feel she is trying to come in limelight. Why the hell ‘ll she need to come in limelight.

If women have the right to wear anything, then men must have the right to masturbate looking at them. I didn’t get the logic beyond this.

Umm… this one has to be shared without any comment.

Men think, women must talk about such traumatic experience immediately after it has happened to them. If they wait for an hour, a day, a year, or even 10 years to gather the courage to talk about it, then they must be judged and shamed. Wow! what a society we live in.

It is very sad that we women go through this horrible mind crippling experiences daily. But then it becomes just another story because there is never any action taken by the police or authorities. 


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#SHOCKING: Vidya Balan Shamed After She Revealed Being Masturbated At A Local Train

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