This Woman From Germany Is Posting Powerful Messages On Period Pads And We All Need To Give Her Standing Ovation

We all have been into the debates and discussions pertaining to feminism. The opposition in the garb of miscommunication and misunderstanding against feminism is apparent in them. For men, it is nothing but an agenda for men bashing and misandry when the truth is far from it. It is a movement and a lifestyle to bring equality into the various spheres of one’s life, to understand the struggles of women and to treat them as humans deserving rights.

Elonë, from Karlsruhe, Germany took up the task of making people aware about this via a very controversial (only for stereotypical dweebs) medium, the sanitary napkins or pads, to erase the misconceptions around feminism.


She went around and posted the messages on the pads to raise the awareness.


The conceptions around the female population and the ways to control a woman’s life were put under question and scrutiny.


The stark issue of rape culture was bluntly put forward by her, highlighting the double standards of the society. Where the most naturally occurring phenomena is viewed with disgust, the topic and the act of rape are quietly sweeped under the carpet.


It was apparent in the messages, posted on the pads that the female population has had enough with the petty excuses surrounding the rape.


Translation: “My name is not baby.”

The objectification of women was also brought under light. The fashion in which the body of a woman is seen by the society and men was questioned. The objectification not only snatches the individuality of a woman, but also degrades her integrity.


People around the world took up her cause to make her points stronger in this misinformed society. They posted the pads with messages around their city to bring an eye opening change into the mindset of the public.


It’s time that efforts like these should be welcomed with open arms and appreciated with open mind. Not only they make one question about the society in which we live in but also their attitude towards the women as well.

Small yet strong steps like these will definitely bring in a positive change in the psyche of the people one day. All we need to do is to support such efforts with positive approach.

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This Woman From Germany Is Posting Powerful Messages On Period Pads And We All Need To Give Her Standing Ovation

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