Saloni Chopra’s Great Perspective On Gender Equality Will Give You A Reality Check

Saloni has always been strong and rough in her personality. She is none other than the lady who calls herself a feminist AF. She has always been in limelight for attempting to break the stereotypes related to women and highlighting sensitive issues concerning them. She has the courage of being the leader of every girl gang who claims to have a capacity to fight for their equal rights.

So here we are giving you a basic idea as to what inspires her to be this vocal and influential.

“No, I’m Not Like This From Childhood.”

Let’s start from her childhood days when she was not this bold and confident. She was a quiet girl who doesn’t really get involved in any sort of fights and arguments.


“My Mother? She Is A Staunch Feminist.”

She shares a lot about her mother and also doesn’t get back when it comes to following her. She also shares that her mother is the one who inspires her the most. Also, Saloni uses her mother’s last name.

“I have been born under the supervision of two, but I was solely raised by one. My Mother. From learning to walk, talk, my education, my view on life and people, everything that I am today, is the work of the women on my maternal side. They sure as hell raised one strongly opinionated girl,” she stated in one of her Instagram posts.


“It is the incidents over the years and the movement from country to country that transformed me.”

Gradually as the time passed she learned to stand up for herself. She loves travelling and she also expresses that she is often broke because of it. Also, one of her hobbies involves making documentaries too. Saloni has travelled from one place to other and gained a lot of experience, which has contributed a lot to what she is today.

“Negative Posts Make My Day.”

She has the guts to take the negative comment about her in a great manner on social media too. She instead believes that all those negative comments make her day.

” Those people who don’t agree with me, they are the ones writing for.” she stated.

And the best part, she uses those negative as posters and then portrays them in a better form. ” Bewdi kuch bhi likhti hai” is actually a comment she once received on her Instagram.

“Why Do I Need To Compare Myself To Men?”

Once it was asked to her in an interview, “What is feminism to you?” To which she replied very modestly that earlier feminism to her was about being equal to men. “But why do I have to be like men. I want to be what I want to be. And that is what feminism is for me.”


“Mothers Buy Underwear For Their Sons But Have You Ever Seen Men Purchasing Bras For Their Daughters?”

She says boldly that “Why do we have to sexualise everything?” There was a time bras were a luxury, but now it is just a basic cloth used to objectify women. Also, a mother feeding her own child is something that should not be sexualized.

At the end, she just says” Women, please stop hating other women!” and also explains this statement modestly that when two women cross each other in a pub, they judge each other.




“A women against women will bring our downfall. Why can’t we all have a good set of girlfriends?”




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Saloni Chopra’s Great Perspective On Gender Equality Will Give You A Reality Check

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